Moving Along: A Pep Talk

2017-11-06 01:56:23 by FOST3R

Hello Friends,

Don't wait for anyone. Don't wait for acceptance, don't wait for approval. Don't wait for someone to like you, to like your work, to think that you are worthy investing energy into for any reason.

This applies to you as animators, artists, voiceovers, game developers.  Patience can be a virtue, sure, but you can miss a plethora of important opportunities when you are too patient. I know we have all done this.

When you wait, you lose. 

Good luck on your travels -- and good riddance to anything or anyone who wastes our time and impedes our progress, unknowingly or with intent.

See you in Ambler, Newgrounds!

2017-10-26 08:04:25 by FOST3R

Getting ready to begin carting my ass down from Vermont in the next half hour or so.

Can't wait to meet whoever else is going!  It should be a great time. 


Hold On --

2017-09-28 05:30:23 by FOST3R

If love is the answer, you're home.



Please, don't.

Here are the links:



Nothing good will come from this.  I'm lame and unfunny, and you my friend, are far too cool.

Have a great day!


Winter Is Fine

2016-12-17 20:24:12 by FOST3R

Hey guys,

Check out my hipster photos of winter up in the mountains so far. It's definitely a magical time of the year.

A lot of people complain about the snow and the cold, but it's honestly my favorite. I would be sad if these seasonal changes never rolled around.





2016-12-10 20:46:48 by FOST3R

I accidentally deleted my previous news post while trying to make this news post the other night via my phone -- found out that I cannot do that on a mobile platform and I need glasses apparently.

Anyway, here is my electronic newborn!


So far I really like it.

It took a long time for me to decide on this one, but it feels like a good fit.  I was too lazy and impatient to build my own and wait for it to ship to me -- maybe someday I'll do that when I decide I want an actual desktop setup. This one is upgradeable and will be a solid desktop replacement for right now.  ..And I'm in luck, because my old computer's fan just died the other day.  It's peacing out pretty quickly now.

So I've got a new Wacom tablet on its way and now I've got to get all my software onto this new setup. Hopefully I'll be ready to roll and be able to create more stuff soon.

My desktop background is "Illuminate my soul" by @keepwalking


Coming Soon -- 'Welcome to Vermont!'

2015-12-02 13:11:16 by FOST3R

Hey there guys and gals,

It's new animation time, and this particular animated short will examine the land from whence I came. Expect lots of cows, old grumpy white men, and lots and lots of shrubs.

This is a short project that I've wanted to begin for awhile now, probably since at least last winter.  It's going to be awful and you're all going to be incredibly disappointed. Yay!

If you've never been to Vermont, my goal is for you to never want to once you've seen this video.  Let's see if I can achieve that goal.


Thank you for watching GUS!

2015-04-03 00:51:47 by FOST3R

I've only submitted two animations to Newgrounds thus far, but I hope to start making regular contributions here.  Gus took significantly longer than I had intended, but I was pleased with how it turned out and I'm glad I put that extra time and effort into it in the end.  This is also the first time I've won an award -- Daily 3rd -- so that is pretty sweet!

Thank you for all of your kind scores and your plentiful views.