Winter Is Fine

2016-12-17 20:24:12 by FOST3R

Hey guys,

Check out my hipster photos of winter up in the mountains so far. It's definitely a magical time of the year.

A lot of people complain about the snow and the cold, but it's honestly my favorite. I would be sad if these seasonal changes never rolled around.





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2016-12-18 15:41:53

k I have some new wallpapers now.. winter should last at least for 12 months

FOST3R responds:

Cool! As for winter, maybe 8 or 9 months. I do like bits of the other seasons, too.


2016-12-30 15:51:42

Sure would be fine if it looked like that! Really nice pictures. I like the haze, how it all fades off into the background, no blue skies that steal your focus but still a great contrast and color. Beautiful views.

FOST3R responds:

Thanks! It doesn't always look quite so pretty, but there has been a bit of snow lately, and fresh snow always makes it look gorgeous up there.


2017-01-02 10:29:35

Snow does have that encapsulating effect! Though looks like these scenes would look grand even without (at least the first one). Frost is as far as the winter faceliift has gotten so far over here. Waiting on that encapsulating bright, cozy, mass of magic..

FOST3R responds:

That sounds very uncool. Is that normal for you there? We go through a lot of weather phases here, so the snow could be gone one week and then we could get a 16 inch dumping the next week (though usually it's gradual).

Generally there is at least a cold icy layer present from about late November through early April.


2017-01-02 11:35:32

Well it's a long country so the further South you get the warmer winter. Around Stockholm (where we live) it's usually a bit like what you mention (same length too), though snow usually melts fast between each fall, and freezes over, and turns to slush and frozen tracks and icy trepidation. It's rarely ideal, even if it doesn't always melt entirely. Sometimes we do get a white Christmas, but this year (I mean - last year)'s been bleak. January - February is the coldest time though. Still hoping.

Up North though: the winter's amazing. Like the picture all the way through, though not as bright during the middle months where the sun barely rises. Spring's a pretty rejuvenating season with all the sun, snow and surplus warmth there.


2017-05-02 22:47:22

Pics are pretty nice. Were you hiking or staying in some kinda cabin up there?

FOST3R responds:

Thanks Phantom!

I ski a lot during the winter, so these are pics that I took from the trails and on the lift. (at Smuggler's Notch, specifically)