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Hell's Uber Driver - Bernie Sanders Hell's Uber Driver - Bernie Sanders

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I wasn't sure what I'd think of this but decided to give it a watch. Any content involving politics/political figures can be dicey, but I think you did well with this.

First off, your intro and outro were put together, to-the-point, and nicely done. The music was fine and your voices were surprisingly decent considering you didn't use any actual Bernie clips. His voice seems like it would be harder for someone to fully emulate but in this his general speaking mannerisms seem on target, and even though it doesn't sound exactly like him, I could close my eyes and still picture him well enough while listening to this. The voices were recorded well and the lines and conversation ran smoothly. The only time I felt things may have been a little off was when Bernie was singing. Not a 'yuge' deal though.

The content itself was interesting enough to keep my attention (ADD here). It didn't run on or go too long and it was light-hearted, which is refreshing with how most political stuff has been so cutthroat lately.

Your artwork was simple, nice, and effective. Your animation and lip syncing were on point and seemed to emulate other popular and professional work I've seen, which impresses me. I love short, sweet speaking skits like this and think this is a job well done. I haven't seen your other stuff yet, but if you haven't already, you should do ones about other candidates -- if you feel like it! I'm sure a Trump, Hill, or whomever else one would be great as well.

Also, I live about an hour from Bernie so if I happen to see him step out of an Uber ride, I'll be sure to chuckle and think about this video.

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AgentLS responds:

Thanks for the review! We indeed have a Trump episode, which turned out rather good. But we have yet to record a good Hillary. It's on the agenda, though. Thanks for watching!